Benefits of Chimarrão


The holy and miraculous chimarrrão!

Studies carried out in 1885 at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, by the French Dr. Doublt in his "Thesis About Mate", stated that "the main property of mate consists of duplicating activity in all forms: intellectual, motor and vegetative, providing physical ease, elasticity and agility, a sense of strength and well-being. "

Stimulants of physical and mental activity;

Stimulates circulation;

Increases heart rate;

Facilitates digestion;

Promotes the feeling of well-being and vigor;

Regulates sexual functions;

Promotes cell regeneration;

Eliminates depressive states;

Increases the resistance of muscles to fatigue;

Cosmetic effects on the skin;

Prevents atherosclerosis;

Improves memory;

Prevents flus and allergies;


Decreases cholesterol and triglycerides;

Increases energy expenditure;

It favors the slimming;

Increases muscle strength;

It develops the mental faculties;

Tones the nervous system;

Regulates breathing;

Prevents Parkinson's disease;

Helps with cellulite;

Powerful weapon against aging.

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