In 2008, the Ministry of Health launched the National Program of Medicinal and Phytotherapeutic Plants.

The program was created to offer access to this type of medicine safely and effectivelyIn total, there are 12 herbal medicines that the SUS offers, according to AdministrativeGM/MS nº 3.089/2013, and all are registered with Anvisa. The recommendation for use is in basic care, expanding options and strengthening sustainable use.Varieties such as espinheira-santa, guaco, cat's nail, mint, slug and others are offered.

The World Health Organization encourages countries to regulate their policies for the use of these medicines and often makes recommendations on their applications.Increasingly, herbal medicines have their recognized importance and proven benefits. For this reason, Folle invests in research and development of high quality product lines with the welfare and health of consumers.




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