Folle teaches you to prepare your chimarrão..


Folle teaches you how to prepare your chimarrão to share good moments with family and friends.

Step 1: Put 2/3 of mate in a gourd;

Step 2: Cover the gourd and tilt until the mate is pressed against one side. Use a sideboard, dish or hands to cover;

Step 3: To not burn the mate or leave the chimarrãobitter start your chimarrão putting warm water in theopen part of the gourdTo take the next gourds do not let the water boil, it should just sizzle;

Step 4: Put the chimarrão bombin the open area and cover it with your thumb. So your chimarrão does not lock. To make sure it is ready for consumption, the water should go down when you remove your finger from the bomb.

Following these steps your chimarrão is already ready for consumption. Now just choose the mate Folle’s of your choice and enjoy the taste of tradition.


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